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Well Construction & Drilling

Water wells are drilled for a range of purposes:

  • Water supply wells to feed businesses and communities
  • Dewatering wells for construction dewatering and mine dewatering
  • Geothermal wells for heating and cooling
  • Remediation wells as part of pump and treat systems for groundwater clean up

In all cases it is essential that the wells have the correct design in terms of location, depth, screen level, filter design and pumping system. If these aspects are not engineered to high standards then poorly performing and uneconomic wells may result.

Groundwater Engineering offers a complete service for the design and construction of water wells, including:

  • Design – We carry out hydrogeological desk studies, water resource assessments and the design of individual wells and well fields
  • Equipment Sales – We sell a wide range of equipment for water wells, including Bariod drilling products, Boode well screens, Boresaver well cleaning treatments, submersible pumps, discharge pipework and electrical controls
  • Drilling and installation – We act as drilling contractors for the installation of wells by a wide range of methods
  • Pumping tests – We carry out pumping tests on individual wells and as part of well field assessments
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation – We provide rehabilitation services for clogged and plugged wells, either in response to operational problems, or as part of a planned pro-active maintenance regime


Dewatering for Basement Construction
12 March 2016

Groundwater can be a significant problem when excavating for basement construction. This blog discusses the available techniques that can be used to dewater during basement construction.

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