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Groundwater Engineering is an international company specializing in dewatering, groundwater control and water well engineering for clients in the construction, mining and oil & gas industries.

Backed by decades of industry experience and technical expertise we are committed to providing our clients with high quality and cost-effective solutions to their groundwater problems.

We pride ourselves on providing safe, technically sound and environmentally sensitive designs, and delivering them in the field, on time and on budget.

Our teams combine geotechnical, hydrogeological, engineering and construction management skills, a strong supply chain, quality equipment and materials and skilled operatives to meet our client’s needs.

Groundwater Engineering provides complete solutions for groundwater management in the construction, mining and oil & gas industries. Our expertise includes:

Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control
  • Deep wells
  • Eductors
  • Relief wells
  • Artificial recharge
  • Low permeability cut-off walls 

  • Wellpoints

  • Sump pumping
  • Horizontal wells
  • Siphon drains
  • Dewatering for tunnels and shafts
Mine Dewatering

Specialist dewatering services for open pit and underground mines, including dewatering design, pumping tests, pump sales and rental, system installation and maintenance.

Pumping Tests

Pumping tests, piezometer installation and groundwater investigations for water supply, dewatering and contamination remediation projects.

Water Well Construction and Drilling
  • Water well design and feasibility studies
  • Well drilling and installation
  • Borehole pumps, pipework, equipment and control panels 

Water Well Remediation and Rehabilitation
  • Performance monitoring of water well performance
  • Well cleaning and rehabilitation to remove clogging and encrustation
  • Boresaver chemical treatment to prevent and remove iron deposits
Groundwater Remediation

Specialist water treatment systems for site remediation and dewatering on contaminated sites.

Geothermal Systems
  • Geothermal heat pump systems (Open and closed loop)
  • Thermal response tests (TRT)

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