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Groundwater Engineering


Equipment Sales & Rental

Groundwater Engineering sells and rents a wide range of materials and equipment in the dewatering and water well fields:

  • Deep well and borehole pumps
  • Borehole riser pipe and ancillary equipment
  • Wellpoint pumps
  • Wellpoint header pipe and equipment
  • Eductor pumping equipment
  • Rigid and flexible discharge pipe
  • Electrical control systems
  • Solar PV pumping systems
  • Water treatment systems
  • Water well materials
  • Well rehabilitation supplies

We are sales agents for:

Boode Water Well Systems

High quality PVC water well casing and well screen systems

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products

Drilling muds and drilling fluid additives

Boresaver Products

An approved range of specialist treatments for the cleaning, rehabilitation and maintenance of wells, boreholes and water supply systems contaminated with iron bacteria, iron oxide, manganese oxide and calcium carbonate deposits

If you would like to make an enquiry about equipment sales and rental please contact us.


Dewatering for Basement Construction
12 March 2016

Groundwater can be a significant problem when excavating for basement construction. This blog discusses the available techniques that can be used to dewater during basement construction.

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