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Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater monitoring systems can be an important part of many construction projects where dewatering, groundwater remediation or water supply systems are involved. Parameters which can be monitored include:

  • Groundwater levels in pumped wells, monitoring wells and piezometers
  • Pumped flow rates from wells and pumps
  • Surface water levels in rivers and holding tanks
  • External weather conditions (temperature, rainfall)
  • System operational parameters (pump speed, voltage, current, visual condition of plant via webcams)
  • Water quality parameters

Electronic data collection systems allow the data to be shared rapidly via mobile communication networks and the internet. Secure data access can be provided to remote users who are part of the project team such as contractors, consultants, regulator and other stakeholders.

Regular monitoring of the operation of systems can allow long-term trends in system performance to be identified, and to allow preventative maintenance and rehabilitation to be planned.

Real time monitoring of systems can allow alarm signals to be triggered to warn operators of pump failure, power supply interruption or other problems. Monitoring can be linked to automated back up systems, programmed to start up when problems occur.

Groundwater Engineering’s team has extensive capability in the planning, installation and interpretation of monitoring systems. We can develop bespoke monitoring systems to meet your needs.


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