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Groundwater Investigations

In addition to pumping tests, Groundwater Engineering provides a complete service for a wide range of groundwater investigation techniques.

Desk top studies and research into existing information can be a very cost effective way to identify groundwater problems at an early stage. Numerical groundwater modelling can be used to assess likely flow rates, distance of influence and the potential for adverse environmental impacts.

Installation of monitoring wells

Monitoring wells and specialist piezometers installed in advance of dewatering works can provide valuable information on hydrogeological conditions at a site.

Pumping tests

Pumping tests are a reliable way of determining the mass permeability of soils and rocks, and of providing other information on groundwater conditions.

Borehole permeability tests

A range of tests can be carried out in individual boreholes, including rising and falling head tests, constant head tests, Lugeon tests, Lefranc tests and packer tests. When carried out in accordance with relevant published standards and interpreted appropriately, such tests can provide some indication of permeability values and groundwater conditions.

Groundwater monitoring systems

Groundwater monitoring systems can play an important role in construction projects to allow groundwater conditions to be monitored and to provide data for design purposes.


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