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Open Loop Geothermal Systems

Open loop geothermal systems extract groundwater from the heat reservoir (formed by an aquifer), via ground collectors which typically take the form of wells. The water is then passed through the heat transfer system (heat pumps or heat exchangers) before being disposed of (at different temperature to when it was extracted) either to waste or by re-injection into the source reservoir. If the water is re-injected it can allow an open loop system to operate as a zero net extraction system.

Groundwater Engineering provides complete open loop geothermal solutions:

  • Scoping and feasibility studies
  • Pumping and re-injection tests
  • Well drilling and system installation
  • Environmental consenting and licensing
  • Monitoring of the performance of geothermal systems and advising on operational issues


Dewatering for Basement Construction
12 March 2016

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