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Siphon Drains

Siphon drains pump water by gravity (without the need for external energy input) along permanently primed siphon pipes. The method is used for long term low flow rate pumping applications for landslide drainage and stabilisation, where the naturally sloping terrain can allow a siphon system operate.

The technique requires wells to be installed in the zone which is to be drained or depressurised. The suction end of the siphon pipe is installed in the well in a container so that the end of the pipe remains submerged below water even if the water level in the well falls below the level of the siphon pipe inlet. The siphon pipe is connected at ground level to an accumulator located further down the slope. The purpose of the accumulator is to maintain the prime in the siphon.

Groundwater Engineering provides complete siphon drain solutions:

  • Design of dewatering systems
  • Well drilling and installation
  • Pumping tests
  • Equipment sales and rental
  • Monitoring systems
  • On-site operation and maintenance


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