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Clean Drinking Water Installations in the Philippines

13 April 2015

In the Philippines, Groundwater Engineering (GWE) has successfully installed a LIFESAVER SYSTEMS C2 tank in Cambalading Elementary School. This area was severely damaged by Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013. Typhoon Haiyan was one of the strongest tropical cyclones recorded in the Philippines.

The children and staff at the school are all very delighted that they now have a constant supply of clean drinking water within their school grounds.

The local government in the Philippines are still now addressing housing/re-settlement projects in other areas, and again GWE was there to install LIFESAVER SYSTEMS C2 tanks at Brgy Loyola, Surigao del Sur and Brgy Pagatpat, Cagayan de Oro. These were all successfully achieved in February 2015.

This means that families in these communities can rely on a steady supply of sterile drinking water.

The Philippines is regularly struck with natural disasters such as typhoons, and in emergency situations like these, water supply infrastructure is often compromised, leaving those vulnerable with no safe source of drinking water. LIFESAVER SYSTEM’s C2s work really well provided that a water source is available, in delivering sterile and sanitary water. Hospitals can use the water from the LIFESAVER SYSTEMS C2 in carrying out clinical treatments because through its patented water filtration system, bacteria and viruses are eliminated, making the water sterile enough to use in healthcare situations.

All these projects that GWE carry out is to show our support for local communities. As an international company, GWE seeks to maintain positive relationships with people within these communities, by providing our technical knowledge as a practical solution to access safe and clean drinking water. We would like to foster similar unique relationships across the globe, with water as our focus for sustainable development.

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