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Raising Awareness of Clean Water and Sanitation Issues

30 March 2015

In the latest Groundwater Engineering blog, Celeste Fisher of the UK office shares a recent experience in raising awareness of clean water and sanitation issues.

I recently had the privilege of joining the St Ignatius Parish (Ossett) Youth Group in their drive to raise awareness for the Turn on the Tap campaign organised by The Samaritan’s Purse. The proceeds will go to the people of Karamoja, Uganda, in order for them to gain access to clean water and sanitation.

The Parish Youth Group planned a Jerry Can Sponsored Walk. The children took it in turns to carry a jerry can full of water to try and understand how it might feel to travel miles just to gain access to clean water.

GWE (Groundwater Engineering) was there to provide a LIFESAVER SYSTEMS jerry can for the group to use. We have a strong relationship with LIFESAVER SYSTEMS, and we believe that their water filtration systems, through their jerry cans and C2 unit’s, is the solution to many who require reliable, safe and sanitary drinking water.

We as a group walked for about 3 miles, and I also had an opportunity to talk to the youths about how it felt like to walk while carrying a jerry can full of water. Although there were much smiles and camaraderie within the group, there was also an understanding that children in places like Uganda, and who are younger than those present, would often walk alone for miles - carrying the heavy load all by themselves, often in very harsh conditions.

The difference with the LIFESAVER SYSTEMS jerry can is that it allows dirty contaminated water to be used, as through its unique filtration system, it removes bacteria, viruses and debris so that the water that comes out is clean, sanitary and safe to drink. I wanted to be there and take part in this walk as I wished to explain that LIFESAVER SYSTEMS is a significant solution to problems with accessing clean drinking water. Many remote places in Africa and South-East Asia have difficulties accessing reliable drinking water, often leading to water-borne diseases. LIFESAVER SYSTEMS is a viable solution that meets all the requirements.

Celeste Fisher |Management Support| Groundwater Engineering

Celeste joined the team at GWE in September 2014 and works in the UK office. She has taken a personal interest in the water treatment side of the GWE enterprise. For enquiries, contact:

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